Jake Cobley

Front-End Developer

Achieving 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Even before I put my blog live, myself and my colleague Andy Smart started to get a little competitive. It started off with promises of my sites going to be faster and lighter. The battle truly began the morning after I put my blog live on the internet.

Off the bat my site was actually lighter and smaller, to be fair I did only have about a third of the amount of posts Andy had.

Over the next couple of days in our spare time over breaks and lunch we tried to better each other and extend any lead we had.

  • Andy moved hosting provider to improve server response time
  • We both signed up to CloudFlare for SSL, and their brilliant always on caching feature
  • I swapped out my SVG social icons with an optimised set, my colleague Phil found on GitHub by Andreas Larsen, which Andy then copied
  • We both minified everything we could, HTML, images and CSS
  • We both used Jekyll’s include feature to inline our CSS
  • Andy tackled with the negative impact of having Google Analytics and ended up hosting it locally, I simply decided the information wasn’t to useful to me and removed it completely.

After a friendly, collaborative and most importantly a competitive effort we both managed to get 100/100 on Google Page Insights.

Andy has also done a post in a little more detail on how we achieved 100/100 Google Page Insight score. You can read it here

It all started as a little (but quite fierce) competition between myself and Jake Cobley. The goal was simple; who could achieve the illusive 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights. As it turned out, through some collaboration with one another we both did.

Can I get a woop woop?

It has also been a very useful learning exercise.

But how?